Programs & Fees

Regular classes

From September through June, classes for all levels are held 2000 - 2130 Monday and Wednesday, 1900 - 2100 Tuesday and Thursday, and 1000 - 1200 Saturday. All classes are held in the Dance Studio at Strathcona Composite High School.

In July and August, our access to the building is limited, so class days and times are adjusted according to availability of the space.

Newcomers are welcome to start anytime; you need not wait until the beginning of term or year.

Classes are intense and disciplined, but the atmosphere is relaxed and non-militaristic, akin to what you’ll find in the best dojo in Okinawa. No yelling; just lots of sweat, effort, and laughter. The spirit is one of mutual support and cooperation. Everyone works hard, not only to better themselves, but to help those around them become better, too.


$50/month for those willing to commit for one year.

$60/month for month-by-month.

$15 drop-in per class.

As a service to Strathcona High School, its students and staff train at no cost.

Anyone interested in trying karate can take a free class to see if our dojo suits them.

This dojo was founded to teach traditional karate-do to anyone of good character willing train hard and with an open mind, and that remains our core mission. To that end, if someone is a full-time student, is underemployed, or has limited financial resources, we will be happy to adjust their tuition if they cannot afford the regular fees. 


Physical Education Classes at Strathcona High School

We teach a two-week introduction to karate unit as part of the regular Grade Ten physical education curriculum for both boys and girls at Strathcona High School. The classes are taught with the cooperation of the terrific, dedicated Physical Education staff of the school: We have also taught in summer phys ed classes at Scona and Allendale School. We teach as volunteers at no charge, as one way to give back to the school and community.


Auxiliary costs

Seibukan USA Dues

All members are required to pay $45 US annual dues to our parent organization, Seibukan USA.


Grading Fees

The grading fee for promotion to a higher kyū (grade) is $40.


Keikogi (uniforms)

Beginners are welcome to train in regular workout gear. We can supply keikogi (uniforms) for about $42, which is a substantial discount off of retail pricing. All students with keikogi are required to purchase and wear a Seibukan patch. We sell these at our cost, $14.


Sparring equipment

The dōjō receives a discount from the Vancouver martial arts equipment distributor, Mikado Enterprises. We sell equipment to students at our cost.

Sparring gloves $24

Sparring shin and foot protection $44

Head protection $25

Shipping costs from Vancouver and GST are added to the above prices.

In addition, anyone sparring must have their own mouthguard and males must wear groin protection.

Students ranked 9 kyū or higher are required to have their own sparring gear.