Gojūshiho 五十四歩

keikou ken.jpg

Kyan learned Gojūshiho from Matsumura Sōkon in the Shikinaen garden dojo on the grounds of Shuri Castle. It was the only kata Kyan learned directly from Matsumura.

Key points  from Shimabukuro Hanshi:


Sliding, turning, and dodging to develop mobility and flexibility.

Jōdan morote uke 上段両手受け (upper-level two-handed block) as a preparation for seizing and throwing.

Kneeling stance.

Stomping technique.

Spear  hand thrusts.

Neck throw.

Keikō ken 鶏口拳 (chicken-beak fist).


Adapted from the Seibukan book by Shimabukuro and Smith