Passai パッサイ

ashi barai uke.jpg

Kyan learned Passai from Oyadomari Kokan 親泊 興寛 (1827–1905) of Tomari village, a close associate of Matsumora Sōkon. The kata came to Okinawa form China around 1685.

Key points  from Shimabukuro Hanshi:


Sagurite 探り手 "searching hand" is used to fight in the dark. It teaches patience and sensitivity.

Jumping in to disrupt an attack.

Blocking with the rear hand to block and attacking with the front.

Nukite 貫手 "spear hand."

Dodge punch and naname zenkutsu dachi 斜め前屈立ち "diagonal front stance."


Kake uke 掛け受け "hooking hand."

Upper-level punching block with simultaneous mid-level punch.


Adapted from the Seibukan book by Shimabukuro and Smith