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Kyan created Ānankū around 1931 as an introductory kata for students at the Kadena Agricultural School. All the techniques in Ānankū are found in Seisan or Passai.

Key points  from Shimabukuro Hanshi:


Use of soete 添え手 , supporting or following hand, in shutō uke.

Use of hasami uchi  はさみ打ち, scissor strike.

Use of 45 ° angle in movement, a favorite of Kyan.

Stepping and then sliding the rear up to form nekoashi dachi.

Embusen 演武線, line of movement, similar to Pinan kata created by Itosu Ankō.

Rushing opponent with wari uke 割受け (close or split block), hasami uchi, and lunge punch.


Adapted from the Seibukan book by Shimabukuro and Smith


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