The Nantanreikan Seibukan Dojo is a provincially registered non-profit organization. All instructors are volunteers; none is paid.

We are a small dojo by design. We're not trying to make money from karate and we don't depend on a large enrollment. Instead, we seek to build and sustain a community of karateka who work together to become better people and contribute to a better world. There are other clubs that can boast  more trophy and medal winners. We are content  that you cannot find a more welcoming and supportive community anywhere.

We invite anyone of good character with a sincere desire to learn Seibukan. We promise we will do our very best for you. We don't care if you're fat or skinny, in great shape or not very fit. We only ask (and expect) that every member uphold the openness that defines the spirit of karate.  Seibukan is led by Shimabukuro Zenpō Hanshi, who says that there are no borders or race in karate-dō. Our dojo welcomes people of any race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender-identification, and family configuration to train, sweat, and laugh with us.

Dojo members with treats after class on Hallowe'en

Every year, we teach two weeks of karate to all Grade Ten phys-ed classes at Strathcona High School We do this as volunteers; we are grateful to our own sensei and forebears for the Seibukan tradition they have given us, and feel obligated to share it to the best of our abilities. In 2020, we taught 30 classes over ten days to a total of 300 young men and women. The Chief Instructor, Doug, is retired, but he was assisted by dojo seniors every day, each of whom took time from their busy work lives to tutor the students.

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