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The Seibukan Karate Dojo is its people. We are dedicated to the way of Okinawan Seibukan karate because we believe it is a way to fight to better ourselves and to fight for a better world.

Ken Read class.jpg

Class this summer with guest instructor and senior Uechi ryu sensei, Ken Read

Yūdansha (black belts)

First Person headshot 2.jpg

Doug Aoki

Retired academic

Lucy, Clayton, me wedding (2).jpg

Lucy De Fabrizio

215012322_10102108364862915_951679195329003183_n (2).jpg

Clayton James

Fisheries and Oceans Canada



Mondo Miyazato

Paleontology student
University of Alberta


Our dojo is a community of warm, generous, dedicated people. Here are some pictures which will give you a sense of them.

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