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Seibukan Karate Dojo Edmonton

Traditional Okinawan Karate-dō classes in Edmonton

International Okinawan Shōrin-ryū Seibukan Karate-dō Association     

Karate in the pandemic

We believe that the ethics of karate obligate us to take care of each other and the community during the pandemic. This article explains why. As long the coronavirus is circulating widely in Edmonton and remains a serious threat, we will sustain strong protective measures against COVID.

We do this taking our lead from the head of Seibukan, Shimabukuro Hanshi, and follow the example of hombu (headquarters) dojo, where masks are mandated. 


N95 or better masks are required. We run a UV air purifier and a HEPA filter to clean the air. We have good ventilation and monitor for CO2 levels. We provide hand sanitizer. A short internet checklist must be submitted by each student before every class. We track local wastewater COVID signal. Finally, we are fortunate to know an international public health expert, and we follow his advice carefully.

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Masked karate in Edmonton in the pandemic

The traditions of authentic Okinawan karate-dō; getting stronger, more supple, and more graceful through disciplined, sweaty training; the camaraderie of a very welcoming community; the cultivation of humility and care for others; respect and support for every person with a sincere desire to learn, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender-identification, sexual orientation, or initial fitness level. Taking care of each other and our community through masking and other public health measures during a time of COVID.  This is our dojo.

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