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Kūsankū クーサンクー

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The Seibukan version of Kūsankū is commonly known as "Chatan Yara Kūsankū." The kata derives from Kume Village, where Chinese established a community of artisans, craftspeople, and administrators in 1392 (according to traditional accounts). This community has been called the "36 families."

Kyan learned Kūsankū from Matsumora Kōsaku.

Key points from Zenpō Sensei:

Changes in posture and gymnastic movements require leg strength, exceptional effort, and technical ability.

Dodging and defending at close range with rising blocks.

Dropping low to avoid attacks.

Shutō uchi and mae geri combinations.

Uraken and yoko geri combinations.

Shutō uke.

Diverse movements to develop stamina.

Adapted from the Seibukan book by Shimabukuro and Smith


Zenshun 2022

Zenpō from DVD

Zenpō 2

Zenpō 2015

Zenpō on the street

Zenshun hombu

Zenshun opposite perspective


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