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Training in Okinawa

Seibukan hombu (headquarters) dojo, Chatan, Okinawa
Interior of Seibukan hombu dojo

Hombu Dojo, Chatan, Okinawa

Traditional Okinawan karate cannot be separated from Okinawa itself. The Seibukan hombu (headquarters) dojo is in town of Chatan, in the center of the island. We see it as imperative for our seniors to visit regularly, to learn and hone their karate under the expert teaching of Shimabukuro Zenpō Hanshi, his sons, Shimabukuro Zenshun Sensei and Shimabukuro Zensei Sensei, and Arakaki Shohei Sensei.

Lucy and Doug have trained there five times between 2014 and 2020; Clayton has been twice, once for three months. We haven't been able to return since February 2020 because of the pandemic, but we hope to get back in 2023. Training in the birthplace and heart of karate teaches us more than technique; it gives us insight into and feeling for the culture, at least to the extent is possible in just a visit. We believe learning about Okinawa and its people is just as important as learning to punch and kick.

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