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Wanchin ワンチン


Wanchin was created by Shimabukuro Zenryō in 1962, shortly after the construction of the Seibukan Dojo in Jagaru village. His son, Shimabukuro Zenpō, collaborated. They included techniques from Kūsankū and Passai and added techniques that were favorites of the two sensei. It is therefore a special incarnation of Shimabukuro family karate.

The name "Wanchin" comes from combining "Wan" from Wansū and "chin" from Chintō.

Key points from Shimabukuro Hanshi:


Turning body to the side.


Combination block, strike, and sweep.


Combination block and kick (ikkyodō).

Dodge punch from K
ūsankū and Passai.

Sagurite 探り手 (searching hand).

Adapted from the Seibukan book by Shimabukuro and Smith


Zenpō from DVD

Zenpō 1985

Zenshun 2022

Group Germany 2015

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